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  • What Do I Need To Rent Equipment From Diamond X Rentals?
    We need a copy of a Valid Drivers License from the person who is signing the rental agreement and a credit card on file. You must be at least 18 years old to rent equipment from us.
  • What Is You're Payment Process On Rental Equipment
    We receive payment up front on all rentals and a vaild credit card on file. We except all major credit cards, checks and cash, if paying by check or cash we still require a credit card on file in our office before rental.
  • Do you Provide Trailers with Rental Equipment?
    No we do not, We do have a delivery service on all equipment,or you can haul it on your truck and trailer as long as it is rated at the correct weight for what you are hauling, also all of our equipment requires a 3/4 Ton Truck or larger.
  • How Do I Reserve Equipment?
    Call us at 830 868 4131 to reserve equipment, if you're timeline changes please let us know ASAP so we can rescheldule, We will hold equipment for 1 hour after you're schelduled pick up time, if you do not call us with an update on pick up time we put it back into rental rotation.
  • What If I Need the Equipment Longer Than I Have it Rented For?
    Just let us know ASAP so we can extend your rental and avoid a booking conflict. When you extend you're rental, payment is due at that time for the additional rental.
  • Can I Use my AG Exemption For Sales Tax?
    Yes, We must have a copy of current AG Exemption form on file in our office before we can implement it into you're rental agreement, if you do not have it with you sales tax will be charged at the time of rental.
  • What Type of Equipment Do I Need?
    We get ask this question almost daily, we will do our best to lead you in the right direction but not knowing the exact conditions of you're job its just a guess, educate yourself before attempting to rent or operate any type of equipment you are not familiar with, and choose the right equipment for the type of job you are doing. We do show basic operation and maintenance of the equipment at the point of rental. YouTube is an excellent source for how to videos also. Safety is Always Top Priority.
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