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*We are now carring in inventory Bulk Garden Soil, Bulk Composted Mulch and Bulk Cedar Mulch. All sold by the Cubic Yard and loaded on your truck or trailer. 

*Our Garden Soil is a Sweet Compost with topsoil and sandy loam mix. $ 47.95 CY

*Our Composted Mulch is triple ground and 100% composted mature rich black mulch. $47.95 CY


*The Cedar Mulch is a triple ground reddish in color mulch. $34.95 CY

*Biosolids (sludge) or grease trap waste is not used in any of our products.
Bulk_Mulch loaded in truck.png

Black Composted Mulch
This is a rich, black mulch that highlights colors in the landscape while feeding the soil and conserving moisture. A true compost that breaks down quicker than our cedar or native mulches.

Garden Soil
A blend of “Super Fine” Compost, topsoil and orange Poteet sand. This is a very rich soil, high in organic matter and nutrients. Perfect for any garden or landscape use.

Sand/Compost (Lawn Dressing)
“Super Fine” Compost with Poteet sand as a carrier for easier spreading. Lawns will have a “littered” look until mowing or watering move larger particles to soil level.

Cedar Mulch
Double ground pure cedar. Long lasting and reddish in color.

Native Mulch
Double ground native hardwoods. Brown to dark brown in color.

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